Just why did we start homeschooling?

It all started about 2.5 years ago, when we were living in Hawaii. Maria was in 4th grade, Connor in 1st and Becky had just started kindergarten. I remember thinking of homeschooling before Maria had started school but kind of put it in the back of my mind because only "weird" people did that. Maria did great in school. She had no problem keeping up. She was always very shy and would make one friend and be happy with that. Becky did preschool and started kindergarten. She had no problems at school, very smart and very social. She however, HATED to be away from me.  Connor started preschool and did wonderful. He kept up academically and would play with anyone. I guess the problems started in 1st grade for him. He was struggling in 1st grade. I didn't see how that was possible as 1st grade should still be fun, learning should be exciting. After some prodding we found out that Connor was being treated pretty poorly at school. He wasn't able to write very well and was punished and isolated because of that. He had trouble on the playground when a cpl kids decided it would be him they would beat up every day at recess. This would be one kid holding him down while another would repeatedly kick and hit him. Connor would tell the teachers but his stuttering made him hard to understand and he was shoo'd away. He now hated school, this was a different child. They broke him and I was angry.
It just so happened that we were in the process of moving during this school year. School started in late July and we were moving in October. I made the decision then to pull the kids out. The plan was to homeschool them through the move and then we would enroll them in school when we got to where we were going. Plans changed when we got settled. The schools where we live aren't known for their great accomplishments and many of them are failing. In fact, both jr high and high schools are failing. Homeschooling was working for us, the kids were happy, they were learning, Connor's stuttering had decreased substantially....why change it?
Homeschooling seemed like the best solution the easy answer. It wasn't easy, it was and still is the hardest decision I've ever made. My husband, Jerry, supported me fully. He didn't want the kids going to school here and was 100% on board. I, however, still questioned it. Was I doing the right thing, could I do it, would I ever have a minute to myself, was I going to ruin my children? Jerry and I talked, we talked to the kids, and I prayed A LOT. We were going to do this, we decided there was no choice. We decided to call our school In Faith Academy, because that's how we were going to do this, in faith.
What about my doubts? Oh, I still have them. Some days I wonder if my kids will grow up and resent me for homeschooling them, I wonder if they are learning enough, and most days I have no time to myself. Then I realized that homeschooling or not, parents always have doubts. I have yet to meet a parent that doesn't at one time or another doubt themselves. I press through, knowing that I am doing what my husband and I feel is the best thing for our children and knowing that God is on my side and will help me through.