Friday, August 26, 2011

Be careful what you wish for

It had been one of those days and it wasn't even half over. I had house to clean, kids fighting, and 2 little ones wanting my attention. I needed to go to the store but the baby was actually asleep on my oldest daughter, so after some thought I decided to sneak out with just the 3yr old. The baby always goes with me because she is a momma's girl and cries for everyone else. I knew I just needed a cpl things so I did it, I left.
On my way to the grocery store  I was reflecting on my typical busy hectic morning(I don't encourage reflecting while driving). I caught myself day dreaming(again not recommended while driving) about what things would be like in a couple years. You know, how easy life would be when Maria could drive to the store to get milk and Zoey and Lilly would be old enough to entertain themselves. Lilly would no longer be nursing so she wouldn't need me 24/7. Connor and Becky would be old enough to be lost in their own worlds instead of fighting over whose turn it is to pull who on the wood floors sock footed. When homeschooling would be easier because the younger ones would be sitting and doing work as well and someone else could make lunch so I could continue with another child, etc. etc etc..
Then I heard a little voice that snapped me back to reality,
Zoey~ "mom, I see you"
Me~ "I see you too"
Zoey~ "You're my best friend mom"
Me~ "swallow, deep breath..."you're my best friend too Zoe, I love you"

Why on earth would I want even one day to pass faster than it has to? Sure Maria could drive to the store for me, but then she will also want to drive other places and be even closer to being out in the real world. She'll be an official teenager this year and that's growing up too fast already. I should be grateful that Connor and Becky are even talking to each other, soon enough will come the day when they are more wrapped up in their friends to play with each other. Lilly is my last baby, the long nights and tied down days won't last  long. She's almost 8 months and is already learning that there is a world outside of me, even though she's not quite ready to explore it, she soon will be. I will have to bribe her to come snuggle and as for nursing, the time will come when she no longer physically "needs" me. And then...then there is Zoey I look at this amazing beautiful little girl and think, why, why would I ever want to rush time....I'm still her best friend.
Don't get me wrong, there will still be days that  I daydream, but I'm sure one of my amazing children will snap me back to reality(hopefully before I wreck my car).
So take a deep breath mommas, our jobs are hard but one day we will miss the hectic crazy days.
Now I'm off to make my best friend mad because she is STILL awake and dancing on the bed :)

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