Monday, August 31, 2009

Here we go...

Finally decided to try out this blogging thing. Let me start by introducing myself. I am a mother of 4(we'll call them M, C, R, and Z) , married almost 13 years. I've spent the last 13 years as a Marine Corps wife, living in 4 different states and dealing with deployments, pregnancy, moving, children, school, jobs, etc.
My husband just got off active duty last October and we have now settled back in our home town. We haven't lived near our families in many years so it's been very nice to be around them again.
My 3 older children( M, C, and R) have all went to public school for a time but they are all now homeschooled. My 4th isn't old enough to be schooled in any way. This is our second year homeschooling and it's still a challenge every day. I struggle with doubt, frustration and time constantly...but I know that this is the right decision for our family.
M is 10 and she is a very bright child. She is very quiet and respectful and very mature for her age. She loves being homeschooled and has no desire to go back to public school. She is very uncomfortable with big groups and we have seen her much happier since homeschooling.
C is 7. He was my main reason for homeschooling. Also very smart, especially in math, but has geniune trouble staying on task. He gets distracted very easy and then has a hard time finding his way back to what he was doing. He wanted to go to public school again until he made new friends in the neighborhood and now he likes homeschooling. He just missed having friends around. Once I explained to him that we just moved here and it takes time to meet people he was okay. And sure enough, mom was right :) He's always made friends with older children anyhow so school wouldn't have brought him too many friends anyway.
R is 5. All my kids are smart but R....well she is very very intelligent. She loves to read and learn all the time. She could take public school or homeschool (however if in public school she'd probably be in trouble for talking all the time:) )
Z is 1 so she's not "schooled" yet. But she loves to sit with us during school time and take the kids papers or pencils and she's starting to color.
My husband is J. He works in a factory as an inspector. He is totally onboard with the homeschooling and helps out when he can. He attends playgroups with us and loves being with me and the children.

So that's us in a nutshell. We'll see how this blogging thing goes.

Until then,
homeschooling momma

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