Tuesday, April 19, 2011

where did the time go

Okay so I was going to start this blogging thing and then...well...I guess life just got in the way. Since my first entry I have had another child, L, who is almost 4months old.
This year we decided to try something new and do an online program as our core curriculum. It's called Time4Learning. I have really liked it, especially with the new baby as my free time is pretty much gone. This program keeps records for me so that is great. The kids like it as well. However my oldest wants to go back to books/workbooks next year. I think the idea of writing things down as she goes helps her learn.
I am struggling with teaching my oldest HOW to study. She tries copying pages word for word as her notes. Right now I have stopped her SS and science while we focus on learning note taking and study skills.
I recently watch the documentary Waiting for Superman and it was a nice refresher of why I homeschool. Some days it is really hard and somedays I'm a little jealous of others who have quiet in their house during the day and time to clean, etc. so a reminder of WHY we chose to homeschool helps. It's also really nice when you get to see how well your children are learning. I love when out of no where they start talking about something they have learned months ago.
The weather is getting nice here so I thank God for laptops. We can go outside and do our school work in the sunshine as well as outdoor activities.
Okay, so this time I am determined. I have decided to make it a self challenge that I will blog daily. Let's see how it goes. I'll get a nice start tonight as I have a few things to blog about :)

Oh and if you have any suggestions or tips for me on this blogging thing, feel free to help me out :)


Katelynne said...

One of my favorite things to do is to schedule my blog posts in advance. That way if I have two or three things I want to write about and the time to do it, I can go ahead and write them all. Then, I can schedule them to be one each for the next few days.

momma said...

that's a great idea Katelynne. I love my white board schedule (I can erase when I need to and there's no proof of not getting done :), maybe I will do that.