Thursday, May 5, 2011

Tuesday's Blessings..a cpl days late

With not feeling well and all the other things that have kept me busy I forgot to do my Tuesday's blessings.  I guess I am a work in progress because I really wanted to make sure I did that no matter what. So here it is even if it is a cpl days late.

~ I am thankful for my husband. He works so hard to provide for us even though their are many days he would much rather be home with us.
~ I am thankful for missing my husband EVERY night when he's at work because it means we have an amazing kind of love, one where we miss each other even after 18yrs of being together.
~ I am even thankful for the hard times in those 18yrs because it has given us a much greater appreciation for REAL love

~ I am thankful for my family, even when they drive me crazy or I drive them crazy. Family is so special and I think some times we take it for granted. To any of my family that actually read this thing...I love you and I really am grateful for you
~ I am thankful for online friends. I am not a good friend, honestly, I'm not. I am a good listener and will usually help you see the positive in things but I just don't have time for a lot of real life friends. I know that probably sounds sad but it's the truth. I don't like to talk on the phone, I really do have a 1000 things to do and on the weekends, I really do want to spend time with my kids and husband. Thanks to message boards/forums and facebook I am able to have friends again. They don't require a lot of my time. I am able to offer a shoulder, a laugh, a smile, or be a sounding board all without having to interrupt the day too much. I know I know it really doesn't sound good but those that are like me will understand.
~ I am thankful for a computer and the Internet, with out it all of this home loan paper work stuff could have taken FOREVER
~ I am thankful for the TV because it is giving me the time to write tonight. Yes it is 11:17pm and my 2yr old is up and watching tv...and naked to boot. Refer to earlier post titled "So not better than you" and you will understand
~ I am thankful for McDonalds, is that sad? I didn't realize how grateful I was for that until this week when they closed the one closest to me down for re-model. Oh well, guess the kids will get real food for 6-8 weeks. Then again, Taco Bell is still open :)

Here's the big one for the week, no debates please......
~ I am thankful, truly thankful, to be an American. That's right, you heard me. There is bad and there is good. There are those that will find bad in EVERYTHING and those that will find the good. However, I have to say the "bad" we have is still a lot better than a lot of people's good. So yes I am thankful.

Good night all. I will try and make up for earlier this week by writing this weekend.

Join me....comment below on what you are thankful for? You are welcome to leave a link to your blog as well especially if you want to join with me and do a weekly "Thankful" post.

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