Thursday, April 21, 2011

adventures in couponing and other ramblings

Okay, so by now everyone has heard of the show Extreme Couponing. I have watched it a cpl times but honestly it reminds me of the show hoarders. I mean I give props to those that donate to food shelters, etc but some of these people seem to have some serious issues. I was cutting my coupons for my grocery shop tomorrow and was proud of the stack I had accumulated, but in no way felt like I was being "over the top" I mean I did print 3 coupons for  1.50 off a container of  lysol wipes but I use lysol wipes and getting them for .39 is an amazing deal. Notice I am getting 3 not 300. Don't get me wrong I am not saying all these people are wrong, it just seems weird to me. Things do have expiration dates, like medicine, food and soda, even makeup. What happens when they expire, do they just throw them out? What about the cost of printing coupons and how, just how do they get all those newspaper inserts? I don't know,  maybe I'm subconsciously jealous but it just seems weird to me. Awesome to those that do donate. Please let me add that I am not trying to insult just speaking my opinion and lack of understanding.

On to better things.

My 7 yr old has a strong desire to save the earth. Now I must shamefully admit that my husband nor I are very green., so this was quite a surprise for us. I kind of put her off for a little while telling her we help by conserving power and water when honestly it was just to save on our power bill. I got to thinking that if she has such a passion for this then I am a pretty crappy mom to not encourage it. Today we cleaned the recycling bin out (had been collecting sticks and other yard waste) and started recycling. Thank goodness our community recycling program is easy and no sorting is required. I told her even though I started cloth diapering for the financial savings and the lack of chemicals that it too was helping the earth. I showed her the video on the gDiapers website and that made her happy. I am going to make a point to buy more earth friendly products when I shop. What are some other ways you are going green? Maybe you know of a nice school project we can do on Saving the Earth. I think I will do some googling tomorrow being as Earth Day is Friday and fine some fun things I can do with her. This is not her only passion. She also loves to sing, dance, write songs, draw and she LOVES to learn. She has such a desire to learn about everything. She came to me on Saturday and wanted to learn to write cursive, at first I was hesitant but thought....why not. She has practiced every day since. I know she is only 7, but I pray that she keeps this desire to learn and this passion for the things she loves forever.

Well...that's it for tonight folks. It's near 3:00am here and I have an early morning. More rambling soon to come. :)

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momma said...

ugh....went grocery shopping and now I even hate that show more. Ridiculus when someone wants to buy 1 of a specific item and the shelf is cleared. Let other people enjoy the deals as well. Take what you need.