Tuesday, April 19, 2011

new to the cloth diaper world

Sooo....L is my fifth child. I have never even thought to cloth diaper. I thought that was for the old times..lol. I also thought it was kinda gross and couldn't understand how the baby wouldn't get diaper rash worse. For some reason I decided to try it with this baby and I LOVE it. It's been so nice not have blow outs (you all know what I mean) and well cloth diapers are SUPER cute.
I've tried a number of different kinds and have found my favorite to be pocket diapers. No real favorite brand yet but I def. like the pockets.
So if anyone out there has favorites that I just have to try, let me know. I have my basic stash and I have promised hubby I will only buy 1 diaper a payday now :) but you know if there is one I just "have" to try then I just may have to arrange that.

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